As an artist I am interested in the fine line between damage and destruction. Resulting in the theme of this work; the global sand crisis. This results in a work that takes to create something, but in the end allowing the materials to return to the environment.

The work is a combination of two types of concrete, hydraulic and non-hydraulic. One immune to water and the other will dissolve in water. Therefore, the work consists of two sculptures each made with a different kind of concrete. The sculpture of hydraulic concrete is a manmade fossil of a river plant which is being eradicated by the sand mining process. The fossil will be sub-merged in a solid cube of  non-hydraulic concrete, making the fossil disappear. As the cube is made non-hydraulic concrete it will dissolve over time, revealing the fossil sculpture. The use of non-hydraulic cement also means the natural materials eventually, in around 20 years, will be given back to our ecosystem.